5 Reasons To Get Forklift Training

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5 Reasons To Get Forklift Training

5 Reasons To Get Forklift Training

5 Reasons To Get Forklift Training

Safety is critical for any business with employees who use forklifts or other powered industrial trucks. Accidents are a continuous, and very real, threat.  A forklift is dangerous; this is the main reason why forklift training  should be taken seriously. Untrained operators don’t fully understand how to operate equipment and they can overlook important safety precautions. Forklift training benefits the company not just the worker who operates the forklift. Damage due to inexperienced drivers can be costly, cause injuries to operators and pedestrians, cause downtime, and cause loss of life. 

Operating a forklift requires training and certification to ensure safety in the workplace and helps the employer comply with the law. Working safe should always be a top priority.  If you are looking for expert forklift training, contact the professionals at Wayco. 

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Let’s check out the top 5 reasons to get forklift training:

1. Safety First

What is your facility doing to improve worker safety? Safety is now recognized as an essential component of a company’s overall health. OHSA indicates that more than one-third of the deaths each year attributed to forklifts are pedestrians. Forklift accidents are common inside a busy facility and training your forklift operator reduces the risk of injury.  Pedestrians walking through the workplace also need to be aware of forklifts. The more familiar forklift operators and pedestrians are with your equipment, the more likely they are to spot and solve problems before they arise, creating a safer work environment for everyone. Employees will stay longer at your company if you invest in the their knowledge and well-being by giving them forklift training.

Few things to familiarize yourself with your forklift equipment are:

  • Hydraulic Lift Knobs
  • Forklift Directional Controls
  • Accelerator Pedal
  • Clutch Pedal
  • Brake Pedal
  • Inching Pedal
  • Parking Pedal

2. Cost Savings

We often talk about the high costs of accidents. Forklift accidents not only put workers in danger, but also your product. Overtime, little damages such as banging up racking, product and the vehicle itself may seem small, but they add up quickly over time. Forklifts that have been in accidents and have endured misuse and have to be repaired constantly will have their lifespan reduced by years. With proper forklift training the operator feels more comfortable and confident on the equipment avoiding product loss, encountering fewer accidents, and less downtime which is a huge cost saving.  Minimize big or small accident; keep your warehouse on schedule and improve productivity. 

Safety training is an investment; accidents at the workplace can have huge ramifications when a worker is injured. OHSA is cracking down and can fine employers for not having operators properly trained which could literally put a business under. Suddenly a forklift license cost is well worth it. The cost of the training will lower your cost of compensation insurance, equipment,  property and product damage. An investment in a safe operation always makes financial sense.

5 Reason to get forklift training


3. Its the Law

The Occupational Health and Safety Act revealed a wide variety of immediate causes (collisions, shifting loads, tip-overs), but generally the same root cause: the lack of an effective safety program. The Act requires an employer to establish a worker’s competence to operate a powered lift truckWorkplaces must have safety in mind. Workers must be properly trained and supervision must be adequate in order for fewer accidents to happen. The law develops and implements a program for powered lift truck safety and it must be followed.The Ministry can fine a employer, supervisor and worker (subsection 66.1). If convicted, a court may impose a fine and/or jail term against an individual. The maximum fine per charge for an individual is $ 25,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 12 months.  The maximum fine, which can be imposed on a corporation convicted of an offense is $ 500.00 per charge (subsection 66.(1)(2) if an operator is caught driving without proper training.

Keep in mind too that insurance companies are likely to reject claims if the operator is not forklift certified. This means the employer will have to pay out of pocket.

5 reason to get forklift training

Ontario employer fined $100,000 after worker’s forklift injury
Toronto Plastics Company, Supervisor, Fined After Worker Suffers Permanent Injury
Ontario workplace fatality leads to $250,000 fine and jail time 

4 Safe work environment

Workplace safety should never be taken lightly.  No matter what size your business, you must account for safety regulations. Know the dangers in your workplace and implement work practices and procedures to prevent injury. Inadequate work practices and traffic management contribute to forklift fatalities and critical injuries. Simple, safe practices can make a big difference. Having a safe work environment, effective worker training, a traffic management plan, effective supervision, plan and procedure will reduce the risk.  Make sure everyone understands what the following simple things mean:

  • sounding the hor,
  • speed limit
  • wearing seat belt
  • warning signs and training.
  • Establish pedestrian awareness traffic policies and programs
  • Identify all the hazards – how workers may be harmed .

Consider Safeguards such as:

  • Establish rules for equipment maintenance, repair and modification
  • Select forklifts based on the requirements of the job and work environment
  • Forklift and workplace safety – audible vehicle devices, warning lights, signs
  • Appoint competent supervisors and ensure that they are adequately trained to carry out their responsibilities
  • Provide information, instruction and training for drivers, pedestrians and other on-property workers
  • Use work environment design – Protect barriers, walkways or sidewalks
  • Involve workers in health and safety committees

Only use a forklift for the purpose it was designed. Don’t wait until an injury or death occurs at your workplace, get the proper training and create a safe work environment. What’s most important is that your system works for your organization. It’s up to you to decide how best to manage safety and implement all necessary training.

How to reduce forklift accidents Pedestrian Awareness

5 Reduce Risk of Accidents

Consider forklift training as a kind of insurance policy. Learning to operate a forklift is like any other complex task. It is much easier, if you break the task into small, manageable pieces and do not try to learn too many things at once. You will know when the forklift is unsafe, if you have been trained properly. Anyone operating a forklift is required to be trained on:

  • pointing out potential hazards involving forklift operation,
  • how to handle loads and keeping the forklift stable
  • manufacturers and suppliers need to improve information about forklift capabilities and limitations. 

It is the employer’s responsibility to:

  • ensure the forklift complies with the Ministry of Labour rules
  • provide adequate training
  • provide supervision
  • ensure operating procedures are followed
  • make sure maintenance and repair procedures are adhered to
  • safely design their facility
  • enforce the proper lift truck selection criteria. 

Through training the operator and employer will recognize safe operation which will not only avoid unnecessary accidents but ensure serious faults are identified and remedied sooner rather than later.

Allow only people whose training and experience provide them with expert knowledge to perform inspections, testing or maintenance. Ensure that only qualified manufacturers’ representatives, qualified mechanics, or engineers repair, modify or replace any part of a forklift. Responsibility for forklift safety is shared by the operator and their employer; and safe operation procedures must be kept up-to-date to reflect the current workplace environment.

5 Reason to get forklift training

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The following video shows a number of preventable forklift accidents which should send a powerful message to you the viewer. Injuries happen to real people who ignore their forklift safety training. If you don’t learn how to drive a forklift safely, consequences of forklift errors will result in property damage and in injury.

If you enjoyed this forklift training video, let it be a useful tool for what not to do when driving a forklift:

  • Stay away from any horseplay that could potentially hurt someone
  • Forklifts tend to swing from turns due to high speeds
  • Poor Judgement you might go over the edge
  • Make sure that you know the facility and how big or small you can work with. 
  • The hazards that exist when driving on docks and trailers.

5 Reasons To Get Forklift Training Infographic

5 Reasons To Get Forklift Training

Why Choose Wayco?

We are a 100% Canadian, family-owned business with quality equipment, top service, and the best warranty in the industry. Our intense training will give you the best price and overall best coverage. We offer national coverage, local service, 98% pass rate & we train individuals, groups or corporations. We train in house or your location.
We offer training at your job site or at our job site, by our experienced expert instructors.  Ask about evening and weekend courses offered with prior booking. Check out our training calendar for dates.
For more than 15 years, Wayco has provided quality forklift safety training in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Stratford, Guelph and surrounding areas. Our safe operation of a Lift Truck / Forklift Program is a good method for ensuring forklift safety and becoming a competent operator in the workplace. A forklift is a very powerful and useful tool, but in untrained hands, it can do more harm than good. Know your Lift Truck!
Because we have our own fleet of Vehicles, we offer a wide variety of forklift equipment training courses and warehouse application training. We partner with companies to provide staffing solutions. If you’re in need of a forklift operator, visit our website job board. 
Stop wasting valuable time, money, and energy manually tracking employee training records; we do that for you. Notification will be sent one month prior to expiration date.   

To schedule forklift training, contact Wayco training department