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It's not just about the Equipment, It's all about our Customers.

Wayco Multi-Lift Inc, located in Kitchener Ontario, has been selling and servicing lift truck parts and equipment for customers in Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto are since 1983.

At Wayco Multi-lift, it's not just about the equipment. We focus on solving specific material handling problems and providing custom solutions that will help grow our customers' business. Our material handling expertise in multi-lift applications now includes custom designed material handling solutions for leading food, beverage, pharmaceutical and manufacturers around the globe.

Our customers keep coming back because of our insight and understanding of their individual material handling challenges. By keeping our company smaller, we can be more flexible and responsive to customer needs while enjoying a lower overhead. This means a more direct relationship with our customers and the ability to pass along savings. Large or small, we pride ourselves in providing solutions that not only meet, but often exceed their expectations.

In addition to exceptional service, affordable pricing and innovative thinking, we also provide the best warranties in the business. 

It's why our customers keep coming back to us. They know that our skills and expertise in material handling will bridge the gap between both efficiency and productivity. It's what sets us apart from other material handling companies. 

Over the years, we expanded our customer base to include Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Our customers include Babcock & Wilcox, Maple Leaf Foods, the Canadian Military, and the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, one of the largest nuclear power plants in the world. Through our work with these customers and their specific material handling needs, our business has grown into a leading, custom multi-lift solutions company with customers in North American and around the globe.

We're looking forward to the possibility of working with you and providing quality, custom multi-lift solutions that will deliver innovation, design and performance you're looking for.

It's all part of the " Wayco Way" and we invite you to experience it firsthand.




The Importance of Daily Forklift Operator Checks

    The purpose of daily forklift operator checks is to evaluate whether the forklift operator is conducting their business in a safe way. If you, as a forklift operator, do not take responsibility, to correctly maintain and keep your forklift in a serviceable condition, there is potential to cause accidents, injury or even death.

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How To Obtain a Forklift Licence in Ontario

Planning to become a licensed lift truck driver in Ontario? It’s just not as simple as taking the course, passing, and getting your forklift licence. Ongoing monitoring, forklift inspections, maintenance and reviewing your safety procedures is more important then just receiving your certificate. To help better understand how to obtain your forklift licence and the

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All you need to know guide for forklift training

In a factory or warehouse setting, there are many elements that go into operator forklift training. This “all you need to know” guide for forklift training will ensure that forklift operators, visitors, and all other workers are safe. Forklifts are considered powerful trucks; strict safety procedures and efficient training needs to be implemented. Since forklifts

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5 Ways to Prevent Forklift Accidents

In a warehouse, factory, or any facility that operates a forklift, accidents can occur and they are costly. They can even be deadly and below are 5 ways to prevent forklift accidents. Are there employers who are getting away with too many injuries and deaths on the job? According to CBC.ca,  “One worker dies on

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Buying Used Forklifts: All You Need to Know

If you are looking to buy used forklifts, we’ve got you covered! There is more to purchasing a forklift than just simply picking a model, inspecting it, and handing over some cash. It can be overwhelming but there is certainly more to it than that, however we are here to guide you through your purchase.

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The Importance of Lockout Tagout Training

Lockout tagout training is a way to protect yourself and others by ensuring that your forklift remains completely, temporarily off. In this article we will outline why lockout tagout training is important, what it is, what the Ontario regulations are, why you need training, and basic steps for lockout tagout. Lockout and tagout is more

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Forklift Training Guelph

In this article we will discuss the forklift training Guelph, courses Wayco provides for the growing Guelph region. Wayco has been keeping people safe across Ontario for 20 years. We specialize in providing training to experienced individuals or groups who wish to enhance their current skills and to those who are new and need to obtain

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Forklift Battery not Holding a Charge – What To Do

Did you know that a forklift battery is like rechargeable battery; it has a finite lifespan! Chances are your battery is going to give you problems at some point in time.Your battery lifespan depends on you and your application. The frequency and amount of use in which the battery has been charged will impact the

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