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BEST factory / forklift parts warranty in the Business

BEST factory / forklift parts warranty

Thought you might be interested to hear that… we have the BEST factory / forklift parts warranty in the business.

We just realized most people are not aware of this fact or how to use it to their advantage.

Let me know if you want to discuss our warranty or how you can take advantage of our warranty system to benefit your business.

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Free Forklift Fleet Analysis

free forklift fleet analysis

Did you know you can get us to do analysis on your fleet of forklifts for free?

Drop Us a line and let us know if we can help you.


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New Low Factory Funded Fleet Pricing

Forklift Rental Equipment

Wayco wanted to let you know we have some new low factory funded fleet pricing for some of our forklifts.  

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.


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Are you Prepared to be Surprised by Stärke MINI Forklift?

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Excited to introduce the launching of Stärke Mini forklift May 2017. It will revolutionize your warehouse or indoor worksite where size matters!


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Who doesn’t like a good DEAL?

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Crazy Isn’t It? Forklift Sale Stock Deal? Komatsu FG25ST-16 forklift you will certainly be satisified with the performance and reduced total lifetime cost.


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New Lower Forklift Training Prices!

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Wayco is excited to unveil "We have Lowered Our Forklift Training Prices" for all courses. Large company group bookings of 10 or more will receive a group discount.

Our Training Courses:

  • New Operator Forklift
  • Refresher Operator Forklift
  • Fall Arrest
  • Pedestrian Awareness
  • Powered Elevated Work Platform (Scissor, Genie Boom etc)
  • Propane Tank Exchange Training
  • Train the trainer

Call Christina today to receive more information on all of the courses and the next available class.



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Complimentary Tire Inspection

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Simply the Best Complimentary Forklift Tire Inspection!

Wayco Forklift Complimentary Tire Inspection





Protect your equipment investment by accepting a Complimentary Forklift wear & tear tire inspection, complete with a fleet survey report.


Did You Know?

Tires are one of the most overlooked components on a forklift? Typically a forklift runs relentless to ensure product moves quickly from Point A to Point B, taking toll on tires.



Budget, Plan and Forecast Now!

Since the tires take the brunt of the weight being lifted, properly maintaining your tires reduces avoidable costs and will save your business money in the long run by helping reduce injury, protect forklift product loads and prevent facility damage!

Are you Ready for your FREE Tire Inspection?

Contact Christina at 519.635.8832 or click Register Now!









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New Arrival

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Starke XVI Series Forklift New Arrival

New Starke XVI Series Arrival!

Starke has released an incredible NEW Product “XVI Series!”

A fresh new look – What’s not to like about it?

Wayco Multi-Lift is very excited by its new features. Starke XVI Series new internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts bring bold improvements to the market with significant reductions in total operating costs, while improving truck performance and productivity.

New and innovative engineering ideas to show Starke’s commitment to fulfilling customer needs, conserving our environment, and reducing costs or ownership.

We strongly encourage you drop in and Check out this new arrival!


For more information about this New Arrival Contact Us!


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