Emission Test

Emission will Improve Productivity and Healthier Bottom Line!

Emission test provides a safer work environment for the forklift operators and all the workers. Get an emission test done yearly it clears the air the workers breathe every day. The EPA's mission is to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment.

An effective forklift planned maintenance program and emission can prevent serious air pollution problems and other serious environmental problems such as ecosystem damage and visibility impairment. Many of the pollutant emitted are air toxics.

To maximize your emission control Talk to Us we have a computerized emission analyzer to control air / fuel mixture, reduce emissions and increase efficiency. Emission data is collected at idle, part throttle and full engine settings using an exhaust analyzer. A printed reading will be provided. 

Emission Test are not Mandatory yet, but the Ministry of Labour will be enforcing this procedure soon!

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