Industrial Forklift Battery

Industrial Forklift Battery

This workhorse forklift battery delivers a balanced high-energy output.

This workhorse flooded battery is Combat’s gold standard for warehouses requiring continuous, heavy, high-level work and long run times. With its rugged design and a reinforced grid structure this battery delivers a balanced high-energy output.

Zero Carbon Footprint

      Designed to perform. Built to last.

  • With a Die Cast production process, this battery experiences its long life due to a better cycle life.
  • Total use of the positive grid facilitates a more balanced output for every cycle.
  • Designed to reach 1600+ cycles.
  • Requires watering every 5-10 cycles and comes with our transparent flip-top vent caps for ease of watering.
  • 100% Powder Coated tray for overall battery integrity and reduced voltage leaks.
  • Warranty: 5 Year full. 6 Year available with the Combat PM program.

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