Battery Care Program

Need Battery Maintenance…Your in Luck!

Forklift Batteries are very expensive and are replaced far too soon as a result of improper care and neglect. To help our customers with electric forklifts save money and unnecessary costs, WAYCO provides a  forklift BATTERY CARE Program.

A monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or yearly inspection of your equipment batteries and chargers making sure it's done correctly and on a routine basis.

Ask about our Battery PPE Kit Special...Everything you need in 1 Box!

Mounts conveniently on any wall, ensuring it is within reach. This is a mandatory required item to be placed in your designated charging area. Mounts conveniently on any wall, ensuring it is within reach. Occupational Health & Safety laws require that all personnel wear PPE when performing battery maintenance or replacement.




Battery Service
  • Check cell voltages
  • Check specific gravity
  • Check electrolyte levels
  • Check water system
  • Check cables and connectors
Charger Service
  • Check cable voltage
  • Check output currents
  • Check equalize modes
  • Check cables and connectors

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