Battery Training Program

Battery Training Program

Wayco training program combines hands-on practical applications, a comprehensive theoretical test and a certificate of completion for each participant.


  • Introduction to the Battery
  • Daily Maintenance Practices
  • Battery Transfer Procedures
  • Battery Charging and Equalizing Charge
  • Battery Watering
  • Using a Hydrometer
  • Emergency Procedure in case of Acid Spill
  • Malfunctioning Battery

The "Battery & Charger Training Program has been introduced to many warehouse and manufacturing facilities all across Ontario, resulting in lower rates of injuries to employees and damages to equipment.

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Battery Handling and Training are a MUST! As per the Canadian Safety Association: employees MUST be trained in how to safely use and move batteries using appropriate equipment.

TIME: Approx. 2 hours per class

LOCATION: Scheduled at customer's facility

Protect your employees. Safeguard your investments!