Komatsu Forklift vs Competition

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Komatsu Forklift vs Competition

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Komatsu Forklift vs Competition

Many people ask the question, “Why choose a Komatsu forklift, when it comes to forklifts?” It becomes difficult to know what brand is the best for your application, so we’ve put together a simple comparison of Komatsu Forklift vs Competition and why Komatsu ranks higher than other brands. If you are looking for greater value through lower costs of operation, day-after-day for your business, contact Wayco. We can help you select the right Komatsu equipment for your needs.

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Komatsu vs Competition

Komatsu Forklift vs Competition

Komatsu has a long heritage of building heavy-duty, high quality equipment for their customers. Founded in 1921 in Komatsu City, Japan, Komatsu is a global leader in equipment design and manufacturing, and is the second largest manufacturer in the world with 25 plants globally. Their forklifts are designed using their heavy equipment expertise to provide durable and dependable performance throughout their lifetime. They received the Highest Retained Value Award in 2017.

Komatsu vs Toyota Pneumatic Forklift

Komatsu’s heart-of-the-line BX50 series redefines the forklift once again. Whether your application calls for an agile and maneuverable cushion tire model for indoors, or the flexibility and power of a pneumatic model for outdoors, the BX50 series is sure to meet your needs. The BX50’s superior performance can increase productivity, minimize operator fatigue, reduce operating costs and improve the working environment. Boost your bottom line now—put a BX50 to work in your application today.

Komatsu vs Toyota Forklift Komatsu VS ToyotaKomatsu vs Toyota Forklift


  • Toyota has a cushioned mounted drive train but rigid mounted operator cab compared to Komatsu’s dual floating structure
  • Toyota’s standard hydraulics are less efficient than Komatsu EZLift, increasing fuel consumption
  • Komatsu has greater under clearance than Toyota – Komatsu 5.5″ vs Toyota 2.8″
  • Toyota’s warranty is 12 mos. / 2,000 hrs & 36 mos. / 6,000 hrs drive train VS Komatsu 24 mos. / Unlimited hrs & 60 mos/ 8,000 hr drive train
  • Toyota’s counterweight shape allows exhaust to roll back into the operator’s face while driving in reverse – No directed exhaust like Komatsu
  • Toyota has a smaller differential
  • Toyota has shorter service intervals at 250 hours vs. Komatsu at 500 hours
  • Excessive tire wear with Toyota’s SAS which adds maintenance costs over the life of the machine
  • Toyota’s 4Y-ECS 2.2L engine is slightly larger than Komatsu GCTK21 engine, but yields less horsepower
  • Less efficient airflow in the Toyota can create a vacuum effect

Komatsu vs Yale Pneumatic Forklift

Dependability • Durability • Serviceability • Operatability • Productivity are a few key words that best describe the reliable Komatsu BX series. Because of its superior design, it is a very reliable lift truck that users can depend on shift after shift. It is easy to maintain and operate, providing its users with greater up time and return on their investment. Before you make your next lift truck acquistion take a close look at the Komatsu BX series.

Komatsu vs Toyota Forklift Komatsu VS YaleKomatsu vs Yale Forklift


  • Yale’s wide range of available engines and transmissions can lead to confusion regarding truck performance
  • Komatsu has a larger and more spacious step area for easier entry and exit
  • Yale offers a rigid mounted drive train and operator cab vs Komatsu’s dual floating structure
  • Komatsu’s EZLift tandem pump hydraulic system is more efficient than Yale’s standard gear pump system
  • Komatsu has greater mast under-clearance than Yale – Komatsu 5.5″ vs Yale 3.3″
  • Komatsu offers a better standard & drivetrain warranty than Yale with our 24 mos / unlimited hrs standard & 60 mos. / 8,000 hr. drivetrain
  • Yale’s counterweight shape allows exhaust to roll back into the operator’s face while driving in reverse
  • Komatsu’s EZView mast offers better visibility through and around the mast than Yale
  • Yale requires service every 250 hours vs Komatsu 500 hours

Komatsu vs Unicarrier Cushion Forklift

Komatsu’s ease of operation is reinforced by an ergonomic design. A top priority in the design of Komatsu’s BX Series forklift is the concept that a comfortable operator is more efficient and productive. Factors such as better visibility, reduced vibration and noise, as well as easier gauge readability all contribute toward improved operator performance. You’ll feel the impact of Komatsu’s advanced ergonomics from the moment you step on board, In fact, you’ll feel like the BX was built exclusively for you!

Komatsu Forklift vs Unicarrier Forklift Komatsu VS UnicarrierKomatsu vs Unicarrier Forklift


  • Komatsu has a more spacious operator compartment than Unicarrier – Eye Test Verified!!
  • Unicarrier has a higher step height / higher floorboard height – leading to operator fatigue
  • Komatsu has dual floating structure vs Unicarrier’s rigid mounted drive train & operator cab
  • Komatsu’s EZLift hydraulic system is more efficient than Unicarrier’s standard gear type hydraulics
  • Unicarrier – Side panels difficult to remove / reinstall
  • Unicarrier’s through the floorboard pedals allow more heat and noise into the compartment vs Komatsu’s pendulum pedals
  • Mast underclearance – Komatsu 5.5″ vs Unicarrier 3.0″
  • Unicarrier counterweight shape allows exhaust to roll back into the operator’s face while driving in reverse – No directed exhaust like Komatsu
  • Unicarrier’s metal floorplate is heavy and noisy which offers no cushioning for the operator’s feet vs Komatsu’s rubber floormat
  • Both use GCT K21 engine, but Komatsu achieves higher horsepower and performance
  • Komatsu offers a better standard and drive train warranty than Unicarrier with our 24 mos. / unlimited hrs. & 60 mos. / 8,000 hr. drivetrain

Komatsu vs Clark Cushion Forklift

Komatsu is now even better because they listened….with additional improvements, quicker access to serviceable areas is achievable, allowing for faster general maintenance – saving time and money. Komatsu understands material handling and offers a wide variety of forklifts to give you the application that is right for you. Komatsu is a world leader in heavy equipment design and manufacturing. Let the ease of Komatsu equipment provide you with high quality equipment, low cost of operation, and exceptional support from factory trained technicians.

Komatsu Forklift vs Unicarrier Forklift Komatsu VS ClarkKomatsu vs Clark Forklift


  • Komatsu has more a spacious operator compartment with more foot and leg room than Clark
  • Komatsu has a larger and more spacious step area for easier entry and exit
  • Clark offers a rigid mounted drive train and isolated operator cab vs Komatsu’s dual floating structure which has both
  • Komatsu’s EZLift tandem pump hydraulic system is more efficient than Clark’s standard gear pump system
  • Komatsu has a greater mast underclearance than Clark – Komatsu 5.5″ vs Clark’s 3.35″
  • Komatsu offers a better standard & drive train warranty than Clark with our 24 mos. / Unlimited hrs. & 60 mos. / 8,000 hr. drivetrain
  • Komatsu’s transmission is stronger, more durable & designed & manufactured by Komatsu
  • Komatsu Engineering Standards assure that the highest quality standards are utilized in design and manufacturing


Komatus BX50 Series Walk Around

Sfor Spacious Operator Komfort Zone
T for Tandem pump EZLift hydraulics
Rfor Robust Frame & Components
Ofor Operator friendly directed exhaust
Nfor NMO Quality – Made in the USA
Gfor Great KCAP PLUS Warranty
  • Extensive Forklift Lines: Komatsu’s IC forklifts are standard counterbalance forklifts that are available with cushion or pneumatic tires. Komatsu also sells VNA forklifts and electric forklifts, as well as a full line of parts available for purchase.
  • Dealer network: For fleet users with many different locations, Komatsu’s dealer network can accommodate most any location. Komatsu National Accounts can provide a comprehensive program of sales and support to fleets and businesses around the world.
  • Service and warranty: The Komatsu Customer Advantage Plan Warranty is the company’s standard plan. It includes 24 months (or 3,000 hours) of standard warranty coverage, 60 months (or 6,000 hours) of drive train coverage and 60 months (or 10,000 hours) of coverage on wet disc brake systems. Custom plans are also available for purchase in case customers want to set up planned maintenance service.
  • Komatsu Financial: With extensive options for financing new and used forklifts, Komatsu Financial makes it easy to establish custom payment plans to meet customer needs.
  • KOMTRAX: Komatsu’s KOMTRAX system is a feature exclusive to the company. With KOMTRAX users can remotely check the systems of their forklifts. KOMTRAX can also send abnormality codes to Komatsu’s maintenance department to expedite service response time.
  • National Accounts: If you are a fleet user with multiple locations across the country or the globe, Komatsu can provide you with the special attention you need to help you manage your fleet of material handling equipment
  • Best for: warehouses, construction sites, shipping and receiving jobs, forestry work and agricultural work.

Wayco – For Expert Forklift Training

Whichever type of forklift you decide on to assist with your work, it is essential that you receive thorough and proper training to ensure that you can operate and maintain it safely and effectively. Wayco offers experienced training to suit your chosen vehicle and work requirements. Contact us today to schedule your forklift training with our experienced and helpful trainers.

“Customers are so impressed with the new hydrostatic transmission and its new CLSS hydraulic pump design giving lower fuel consumption and new driver feel over traditional drivelines”