Planned Maintenance

A forklift fleet in top working condition will experience lower repair costs and higher machine utilization. In order to achieve this level of operating time, your equipment must be managed with well Planned schedules designed to meet your company's operating requirements.

Planned Maintenance is a proactive approach to maintenance in which maintenance work is scheduled to take place on a regular basis. The type of work to be done and the frequency varies based on the equipment being maintained, and the environment in which it is operating. 

The primary objective of Planned Maintenance is to maximize equipment performance by keeping equipment running safely for as long as possible, without that equipment deteriorating or having unplanned downtime.


An operator should inspect the forklift truck EVERYDAY before using.  Ask about our Operators daily checklist book!


PM Service

  • Fully trained technicians perform a 40 part inspection based on your equipment
  • Pm Service every 150 to 200 hours operating intervals
  • Done at your facility for your convenience
  • Check all fluid levels, battery level
  • Check truck operations, forks, carriage and mast
  • Check wear, condition of tires, bolts and nuts on wheel hub
  • Check backrest & overhead guard
  • Adjust all belts
  • Lubricate truck and lift chains
  • Clean battery cable and terminals
  • Parts Extra

2000 Hour Service

  • Performed every 2000 hours
  • Pm service & Annual lifting device inspection required yearly as per Ministry of Labour
  • Requires 8 hours up to 10,000 lb capacity
  • Brake system inspection and service, steering system inspection complete, hydraulic system service
  • Change oil & filter, fuel system inspection, transmission & drive axle inspection and fluid changed
  • Upright carriage inspection, engine complete including compression test, cooling system service including fluid change
  • Electrical system-motor & contacts tips, lift chains and forks, transmission & hydraulic pressure test, battery system - less load test
  • Parts Extra