Safety Inspection

Make sure your equipment is SAFE to use!

If you have forklifts in your facility, you know that the Ministry of Labour requires that all lift trucks have a lifting device inspection at least once per year.

Ensure that your lift trucks meet or exceed the standard by using WAYCO Multi-Lift Inc. factory trained technicians. In accordance to REQ 851 Section 51, this unit meets the specification as specified on the rated plate. 

The best preparation for a regulatory safety compliance inspection is to have an ongoing, proactive safety program plan. Here at Wayco, we can help to simplify this process for you by carrying out annual inspections to check that everything is running as it should be, and to quickly provide maintenance and repairs if it isn’t.

Once everything has been inspected and found to be in proper working order, we can certify your equipment for you. You’ll need to have all safety documentation available, organized, and ready for quick dissemination when inspectors show up. 


An operator should inspect the forklift truck EVERYDAY before using.  Ask about our Operators daily checklist book!