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Safety Training

Wayco offers forklift training courses designed to give the skills to perform your job safely and efficiently.  Our courses meet or exceed the OHSA & CSA Standards. We train in house or your location.  


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Komatsu Forklift vs Competition

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Many people ask the question, “Why choose a Komatsu forklift, when it comes to forklifts?” It becomes difficult to know what brand is the best for your application, so we’ve put together a simple comparison of Komatsu Forklift vs Competition and why Komatsu ranks higher than other brands. If you are looking for greater value through lower

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How to Reduce Forklift Accidents

In order to be able to safely use forklift equipment, you must first understand how a forklift operates, the weight that it is designed to handle and how it must be repaired. These are all critical factors to understand how to reduce forklift accidents. Accidents occur when there is a lack of education and proper

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Forklift Safety Checklist

Did you know that forklifts often weigh more than 3 tonnes and travel around 15km/h. Forklifts are everyday equipment in factories, warehouses and construction sites, but many people do not realize they can be potentially dangerous. Safety is no accident. That is why it is a good idea to have a forklift safety checklist and

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Forklift Pre Shift Inspection Operator Checklist

How necessary is a forklift pre shift inspection? You do not want to cut corners, when you put your life in the hands of professionals. Pilots for example have a checklist for a pre-flight inspection before every flight and 99 times out of hundred everything checks out okay. But it’s the pre-flight inspection that contributes

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Forklift Licence

You’re probably reading this post because you’ve been searching for information on forklift licence; and it’s likely that either you or someone you know wants to become a forklift operator. You may have a lot of questions and uncertainties so in this blog we will answer some of the more commonly asked forklift license questions

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Forklift Training

Forklift training is a requirement by law for anyone who will be operating any type of forklift or lift truck. In this post we will discuss why you need forklift training, who needs it, what is involved in the training, and where and how you can take the training. At Wayco, we understand the need

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What Our Client Say

I rented forklift from Wayco they are very nice and customer service Angela Clayton helped me a lot to save money thanks Angela I will refer all my friends to this place

Wayco Forklift Testiomonals

Keflet Shekedin

( Keflet Shekedin )

Wayco is always there when we need them. Whether it's a last minute call when a machine is down, to generously providing the equipment we need at Christmas time to make sure emergency food is distributed, we know we can always count on them.

House of Friendship Wayco customer

House of Friendship

( Colin MacIntosh )

We purchased a used forklift from Wayco in January. It was extremely clean and in excellent condition when it was delivered. We have also had incredible ongoing service from the professionals at Wayco. Overall dealing with them has been an excellent experience.

Wayco Forklift Testiomonals

Don’s Trailer Service

( Don;s Trailer Service )

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