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Forklift Training Dates, Promos, Specials

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Safety Training

Wayco offers forklift training courses designed to give the skills to perform your job safely and efficiently.  Our courses meet or exceed the OHSA & CSA Standards. We train in house or your location.  


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Recent News

The Importance of Lockout Tagout Training

Lockout tagout training is a way to protect yourself and others by ensuring that your forklift remains completely, temporarily off. In this article we will outline why lockout tagout training is important, what it is, what the Ontario regulations are, why you need training, and basic steps for lockout tagout. Lockout and tagout is more

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Forklift Training Guelph

In this article we will discuss the forklift training Guelph, courses Wayco provides for the growing Guelph region. Wayco has been keeping people safe across Ontario for 20 years. We specialize in providing training to experienced individuals or groups who wish to enhance their current skills and to those who are new and need to obtain

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Forklift Battery not Holding a Charge – What To Do

Did you know that a forklift battery is like rechargeable battery; it has a finite lifespan! Chances are your battery is going to give you problems at some point in time.Your battery lifespan depends on you and your application. The frequency and amount of use in which the battery has been charged will impact the

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Electric Pallet Jack – Get One Today

If your company does dock work, delivery service, stock replenishment or heavy manufacturing,an electric pallet jack is designed to suit light to medium duty load handling and warehousing applications and it has a smaller price tag when compared to a sit-down forklift. If you are looking to purchase an electric pallet jack, contact us today; we deliver

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Forklift Licence – What To Ask When Calling To Find A Good Trainer

Choosing your forklift trainer isn’t as hard or as inconvenient as it may sound. Choosing your forklift instructor is the first step to getting your forklift licence. Obviously you’ll want to choose an experienced forklift trainer is committed to quality, patient, enthusiastic, highly skilled, and values the lives of others.The job qualifications of a forklift trainer

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Automated Forklifts – The Ultimate Purchasing Guide

Is there a new world of automated forklifts upon us? Will we even need humans to operate forklifts once the automated robots take over? Warehouse operations are more complex today than they have ever been. In today’s fast-paced business climate, customers increasingly demand and expect more from their warehouse and distribution centers. Customers today are finicky.

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What Our Client Say

I rented forklift from Wayco they are very nice and customer service Angela Clayton helped me a lot to save money thanks Angela I will refer all my friends to this place

Wayco Forklift Testiomonals

Keflet Shekedin

( Keflet Shekedin )

Wayco is always there when we need them. Whether it's a last minute call when a machine is down, to generously providing the equipment we need at Christmas time to make sure emergency food is distributed, we know we can always count on them.

House of Friendship Wayco customer

House of Friendship

( Colin MacIntosh )

We purchased a used forklift from Wayco in January. It was extremely clean and in excellent condition when it was delivered. We have also had incredible ongoing service from the professionals at Wayco. Overall dealing with them has been an excellent experience.

Wayco Forklift Testiomonals

Don’s Trailer Service

( Don;s Trailer Service )

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